Vanuatu clubs to resume training from today

The Vanuatu Rugby League (VRL) clubs across the Pacific nation are set return to training for the 2020 VRL domestic competitions from today.

The resumption of training, which will adhere to the policies put in place by the Vanuatu Government to combat COVID-19, will allow all players to prepare for a planned competition in July.

Acting VRL President Antonio Korikalo commented “We’ve certainly taken a cautious approach to our return to training, which was important to us being the fast, entertaining and high impact contact sport that we are. We see ourselves as a socially responsible organisation that positively contributes to Ni-Vanuatu society and working within the Vanuatu Government guidelines and being responsible citizens was essential in this time to protect our island nation. We’re very fortunate to remain COVID free and we’ll now work with the relevant stakeholders in Vanuatu to firstly return to training next week and then to start our 2020 competitions for women, men and juniors when it is safe to do so.”

VRL Secretary-General So’o Motuliki added “We’ve called a meeting with our one of our most important stakeholders, the clubs, for this week. The purpose will be two-fold, firstly to inform them of our return to training plans and the guidelines we have put in place but also to consult with them on our return to play plans. We need to ensure they are part of the process and we take on their advice to ensure they can safely return to training under the new guidelines but also have enough preparation time to safely resume playing where we are not putting any of our athletes at increased risk.”

Vanuatu is one of five Pacific territories the Pacifique Treize Intrust Super Cup bid will represent, with the club aiming to play two games per year out of Port Vila and draw players from the domestic competitions.

Rugby League was established in Vanuatu in 2011 with the nation currently an Observer member of the Asia Pacific Rugby League.

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