French Elite II & Federale competitions kick off

The Fédération Française de Rugby à XIII Elite II Championship and Federale Divisions both kick off this weekend with 28 teams to take part in 14 matches across Southern France.

The Elite I Championship, the Premier domestic competition in France, kicks off on October 30, whilst the Nationale Division kicks off next weekend.

New Caledonian players, Tely Pelo, plays for Villegailhenc-Aragon RL XIII in the Elite II Championship.

Elite II Championship:
Round One:
Pia v Lescure-Arthes
Carpentras v Lyon-Villeurbanne
Villegailhenc-Aragon v Villefranche
Toulon Marlins v Salon
Entraigues v Baho

Round One:
Montpellier v Toulogues
St Esteve Riberal v Cheval Blanc
Ille-Sur-Tet v Apt
Villefranche Aveyron v Villeneve de Riviere
Lescure v Canton Villefranche d’Albi
Val D’Orbieu v M.J.C. Razes
Pamiers v Villegailhenc
Tonneins v Clairac
Nantes v Begles

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