Draw released for 2020 Vanuatu Nines

Fourteen teams from across the islands of Efate and Uluveou will take part in the 2020 Vanuatu Nines at the Kawenu Fields in Malapoa this Saturday.

In the Men’s competition, 2020 Grand Finalists, the Vate Bulldogs and Ifira Black Birds, are joined by the Mele Eels, Uluveou Sea Lions plus new teams, the Pango Green Birds, USP Ruggers and Port Vila Development.

Meanwhile in the Women’s competition, the Port Vila Warriors, Mele Eels and Ifira Black Birds will go head to head for the Nines title.

An Under 15’s tournament will also take part on the day, with the three junior clubs, Mele, Ifira and Blacksand to go head to head.

Competition will kick off at 8:30 local time.

Men’s – Pool A:

Vate Bulldogs
Vanuatu Police Forces
USP Ruggers
Mele Eels

Men’s – Pool B:
Ifira Black Birds
Pango Green Birds
Uluveou Sea Lions
Port Vila Development

Port Vila Warriors
Mele Eels
Ifira Black Birds

Under 15’s:
Mele Eels
Ifira Black Birds
Blacksand Diamonds


08:30 – Vate Bulldogs v Vanuatu Police Forces
08:52 – Ifira Black Birds v Pango Green Birds
09:14 – USP Ruggers v Mele Eels
09:36 – Uluveou Sea Lions v Port Vila Development

10:42 – Vate Bulldogs v Mele Eels
11:04 – Ifira Black Birds v Uluveou Sea Lions
11:26 – USP Ruggers v Vanuatu Police Forces
11:46 – Port Vila Development v Pango Green Birds

12:54 – Vanuatu Police Forces v Mele Eels
13:16 – Pango Green Birds v Uluveou Sea Lions
13:38 – USP Ruggers v Vate Bulldogs
14:00 – Port Vila Development v Ifira Black Birds

15:06 – Semi Final 1 : 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B
15:38 – Semi Final 2 : 2nd Pool A v 1st Pool B

17:00 – Final : Semi Final 1 Winner v Semi Final 2 Winner

09:58 – Port Vila Warriors v Mele Eels
12:10 – Ifira Black Birds v Port Vila Warriors
14:22 – Ifira Black Birds v Mele Eels

16:30 – 1st Place v 2nd Place

Under 15’s:
10:20 – Mele Eels v Ifira Black Birds
12:32 – Blacksand Diamonds v Ifira Black Birds
14:44 – Blacksand Diamonds v Mele Eels

16:00 – 1st Place v 2nd Place

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