Partnership Opportunities

Pacifique Treize represents a game changing approach to sport in the South Pacific region by broadening the horizons of rugby league and welcoming new nations, territories, players and fans to our game. With a pyramid structure focused on youth development right the way up to our elite Intrust Super Cup squad, Pacifique Treize will promote a ‘whole of game’ approach. 

To achieve “Our Vision” of entry into the Intrust Super Cup by 2023, we are seeking to partner with organisations in our primary markets of New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Australia whilst also offering innovative opportunities for companies and individuals from all around the world to be part of this incredibly exciting venture. 

For a potential sponsor, Pacifique Treize offers a range of wonderful partnership opportunities across the following sectors:

  • Pacifique Treize Intrust Super Cup Bid

  • Top 25 squad

  • High Performance Academy (l’academie)

  • Community Game Development

There is a strong roadmap of marketing and promotions planned for Pacifique Treize from initial bid process through to eventual participation in the Intrust Super Cup. Platforms to deliver value to partners will feature traditional and new media platforms including social media; events and community awareness programs. Each of these marketing platforms represent an opportunity for a business to leverage their investment and benefit from the branding and awareness these programs will provide.

The bid is an exciting and unique proposition for Rugby League, and will undoubtedly attract a large media interest around the world along with becoming an essential ‘away trip’ for supporters of opposition teams. A packed stadium in Noumea or Port Vila watching Pacifique Treize play an Australian or Papua New Guinean team in the greatest game of Rugby League is the ultimate vision.

To ensure we can make this venture a reality we will need the support of business and fans alike.

The journey ahead is an exciting one and we want you to be part of it!

Interested parties are encouraged to register your interest in our Partnership programs by contacting zach@pacifique13.com